Christmas: Have You Been Good This Year?

Christmas is a prosperous time for web services. There are many applications as eccentric as they are useless on the theme of the end of the year celebrations. Useless yes, but often well seen. So why refuse a few minutes of relaxation? The discovery of the day is called Collective London . This communication France WhatsApp Number List  has launched an online service allowing you to know if you have been wise (or not) this year by analyzing your tweets. So you will know which Santa’s list you are on. Luckily, I’m on the right one! collective london To take the test, simply enter your username.

Christmas Is a Prosperous Time for Web Services.

Do not expect any reward, the only bonus offered is a custom avatar for Twitter. It’s already not that bad. And you, have you been good this year? Take the test! Here is my selection of posts that marked me this week on the blogosphere. There you will find many interesting links organized into three categories: Tools & blogosphere, Advice and analysis and Relaxation. Good reading ! Tools & blogosphere France WhatsApp Number List wide web : opening of a new blog on French web industry news. It promises! But also… Ebuzzing and Wikio at the service of bloggers : a merger that has made a lot of noise in recent days. =Is it useful to break influential bloggers?= : Dreamside puts its finger on an all too common practice. 125×125 space to be won : if you want to gain some visibility, do not hesitate to participate.

Here Is My Selection of Posts That Marked

France WhatsApp Number List
France WhatsApp Number List

Wozaik – Creation of dynamic bookmarks… : Jean-Marie has invitations to offer you for this original bookmark management service. A day of internet in a few figures…: quite simply impressive! Advice & analysis read France WhatsApp Number List , what is real time? : explanation of real time, heavy trend of today’s and tomorrow’s web. But also… Take care of your image on the Web : advice on the do’s and don’ts online. Panoramas of social networks in the world : history and overview of the phenomenon of social networks. Recruiting on Twitter: keywords and approach to the long tail : Lilian offers us a recruitment method via Twitter, mainly geared towards web jobs. Is Twitter Really Threatening Facebook? : obviously, there is little chance. On the usefulness of Twitter beyond the buzz… : analysis of the recent study released by Atelier BNP-Paribas.

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