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Internet of Things, in fact, means being able to multiply the points of contact between the company. The consumer, the consumer and the product, the consumer and other consumers, the company and the product. The digital marketer contemplates and supervises every moment of exchange thanks to an intensive use of Business Intelligence. To the sharing of superior digital information guaranteed by the best ICT governance.

Challenge Of Marketing Managers

Digital information, appropriately crossed by ICT allows USA Phone Number us to better understand not only what has happened or what is happening but what is likely to happen. This is how it is possible for marketing to study new services that are useful to people and companies. Marketing has understood that Big Data management is important and that to do so, they must learn to manage Business Intelligence. And to do so, he has to get help from ICT.

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According to data collected in Adobe’s Econsultancy Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing , marketers interviewed between now and the next 5 years see the most interesting opportunities on four strands: BIg Data (current 10% to 12% in 2015), management of multichannel campaigns (from 10% to 17%), marketing automation (from 4% to 8%) and personalization (from 5% to 10%). The focus for this year is instead on mobile (18% in 2014 and 11% in 2015), social (10% to 5%). The projection with respect to the management of the customer experience remains unchanged.

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