Case Study: How to Breathe New Life Into Your Weary Old Blog

Think back to how interesting it was when you first started your blog? Writing great posts is a snap , and connecting with your audience is a joy. In a classic scene in the film’s sudden death of Fred , Phoebe Case and her imaginary friend Fred build a giant mud ball at the dining table.

They revel in the messy joy of creation and the fact that Saudi Arabia Phone Number List it was going to anger her mother (also known as “Super Beast”). Starting a blog is like making a giant mud ball. It’s a big task, yes, but an exciting one. Everything is fun and interesting. Your creativity is skyrocketing, and you predict that your blog will shock and awe the online world.

Take It Apart and Build It Back Up

Unfortunately, it’s easy for us creative people to get bored and see the luster of a new blog fade from time to time . Time is ticking and you’re sick to write your topic with love. You move on, and now you want to write something completely different. So, what would you do with your old blog? Well, you have three options.

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Saudi Arabia Phone Number List

Take down the old blog and start over. With something new Sell ​​old blogs to people who give it the love and attention you once did Relocate, revive an old blog If you’ve put years of work into a blog, you might want to give the third option some serious consideration. You can build something new and amazing using your existing content and website quality . Content legacy If you’ve been online for a long time, you have an old piece of content attached to your name. Google knows what you already do.

Restructured Content

The content you have posted to your blog is part of your online history. Completely erasing the content legacy and starting over can be daunting. When faced with this problem, people are often unable to decide what to do, so they are helpless, leaving the blog haggard. This is my approach for quite a while. People who do a Google search on my name probably think I have some sort of multiple personality disorder. I’ve written a lot about how to use computers before.

Until I can’t take it anymore. My most popular computer-related site, Computor Companion , is a multi-author site that I started as an archive for my published print magazines beginning in 1999.

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