Case Study: How a Young Woman Writes Her Way, Business Is Booming

There’s no secret to that. Bella’s success has been powered by the foundation of a smart, proven content marketing strategy . The vast majority of Bella’s clients – 85% – find her on the Internet. And her online marketing skills make her a great role model for any business trying to think bigger in 2014.

Bella’s big picture When she started her business, Colombia Phone Number List Bella saw the perceived limitations of going beyond the stereotypical hyperlocal small business. She decided not to stay small and use employees to expand her customer service, starting with the prospect of using a content marketing strategy to sit pets in an endless stream. With her network of contractors, Bella’s business is nearly limitless.

Bella’s Big Picture

Even more amazing is the fact that Bella started her business right out of college. She went straight to taking many entrepreneurs after graduation from a student managing their own business without having to travel through corporate America. The woman’s got a reputation for being enterprising, and her efforts are beginning to pay off in the BIG way.

Colombia Phone Number List
Colombia Phone Number List

We sat down with Bella to ask her how marketing content helped her solidify her company as the go-to resource for pet owners in Scottsdale. How her business fits in with her professional and personal goals. Established a solid foundation Bella’s WordPress blog is at the center of her marketing strategy. She and her team write regular posts on pet-related topics, local community events, pet care tips, and other educational articles. Because her business targets a hyperlocal market.

Established a Solid Foundation

Her blog posts focus on the topic of local pet owners. Bella, for example, uses her blog to circulate emergency information about pet food recalls. When she saw the recall announcement, she springs into action. Bella says:

In less than an hour, I [announcement] posted on my website, I shared the article on my local community Facebook page, escalated it to a key pet person in my community, and sent it to my web group’s page, And share the link with other pet sitters so they can send it to their readers and clients. The way I look at it, why should I push someone else’s link when I can write my own post and have traffic back to my site? Because we usually break news within the first few hours, we’ve become a trusted source for important pet care news.

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