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Do you host this on your website? Then India Phone Number you can make a trackable link and add it in your marketing automation tool, for example under ‘media’. Every time a lead interacts with your white paper, you can see this reflected in your marketing automation tool. Does this visitor use your white paper? Then they are one step closer to India Phone Number actually becoming a customer. After all, they are ‘indebted’ to you. Screenshot of subscribing to a newsletter. Bron: And how about a discount? That works exactly the same. As a webshop India Phone Number you can, for example, give a discount of €5 on the next purchase of this new customer or newsletter.

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That’s nice. I get a small gift from India Phone Number that webshop.” This causes two reactions: you increase in appreciation, and you increase the chance of a purchase. If not immediately, then it will be in the long run. You can then send one or more emails via marketing automation containing the discount code. This is also called the ‘welcome flow’, and it India Phone Number closes the reciprocity in the perfect way. You gave the customer something, the customer India Phone Number gave it back, and you help the customer further. But beware: this is the moment when you are top of mind with your new entrant.

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These types of emails are significantly higher India Phone Number than your regular email campaigns. So think carefully in advance about what you want to achieve with a welcome campaign. Consider, for example, increasing the chance of a purchase. Also India Phone Number read: Why social proof works so well (and how you can use it) A tip for your welcome campaign: immediately request the gender of your subscribers when you register for the very first time. You can India Phone Number then easily enrich your automated campaigns on this. Principle 2. Sympathy People like to say yes to those they like.

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