Brigade Hadopi: Parody of Forbidden Zone

Difficult to make more controversial than the Hadopi law ( work on Sundays perhaps?). Although controversial is ultimately not the right term, the people directly concerned being ultimately close to a consensus. Be that as it may, the result of this war of nerves between two firmly opposed camps, the (many) Internet users on one side and the State/industry on the other, could only result in parodies of all kinds . Logically, the best Nepal WhatsApp Number List obsolete and already outdated can only be humor. We had therefore already had the right to many diversions, but this video found on Korben by Véronique (thank you!) is definitely one of the best of its kind. She stages aHadopi brigade on the occasion of a parody of Forbidden Zone .

Although Controversial Is Ultimately

Perronet is a professor and researcher in the computer science research laboratory of the University of Paris-Sud. He is notably at the origin of Spot rank , an innovative dig-like in its form launched recently. He is currently working with two PhD students (Sébastien Hamon and Thomas Largillier) on Nepal WhatsApp Number List systems . The goal is to create an algorithm to refine the automation of information filtering. Do you like movie A? So take a look at film B, on the other hand avoid film C. The repercussions of this type of application are numerous. Practical on the user side who will be able to discover products that interest him with less effort, but also a real gold mine for advertisers who will be able in this way to increase their average basket, retain their visitors and refine their targeted advertising.

The Repercussions of This Type of Application

Nepal WhatsApp Number List
Nepal WhatsApp Number List

There is therefore in the overall approach of the good and the less good, the specter of a Big Brother knowing your tastes better than you being present… This also raises the question of the storage of personal data intended to better Nepal WhatsApp Number List better surround you with relevant advertisements. The problem ultimately remains the use made of these algorithms and the uses for which they are intended. We bet that French research has noble goals. This is why I am relaying the request received by email. A survey is currently online to refine and verify the algorithm put in place. It consists of classifying films in order of preference and then evaluating the resulting recommendations. Only a few minutes are necessary to answer it, do not hesitate to go and have a look! Click on the image to start.

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