Blogday 2009: My Selection

I announced it to you last week, today is the 2009 edition of BlogDay . The goal is to present 5 blogs dealing with themes that are not related to those of his blog. Here is Kuwait WhatsApp Number List, do not hesitate to make feedback! And you, what is your selection? At Pilou’s Chez Pilou is a blog with a broad editorial line. You will find there everything that pleased its author: humor, cinema, people … A breath of fresh air when you want to take a few minutes break! at pilou Grafitee Are you a fan of t-shirts ? Look no further, the most beautiful, the trendiest and the best plans are here.

There Everything That Pleased Its Author

The end of summer is no excuse to only wear sweaters! graffiti Was it or was it easy? Arf offers on this blog his moods , his daily thoughts , some concepts Kuwait WhatsApp Number List the blog and much more. futile bug brother Jean-Marc Manach ‘s blog on the surveillance society . On the program, news, analyses, reflections… And an essential watch to understand the changes in our society. bug brother Small herbarium of daily hassles The summer series of a comic book blog that denounces our daily worries . It’s really well seen, you will be entitled to a new box almost every day. Note, the version of small pleasures also exists. small herbarium And as a bonus, a small sixth, Pirate Sourcil , which I have just discovered… A huge comic book blog, a must-read. You can also check out my picks for blogday 2007 and blogday 2008 .

You Will Be Entitled to a New Box Almost Every Day

Kuwait WhatsApp Number List
Kuwait WhatsApp Number List


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