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There was a long, normal debate from 2004-2006 about making money from blogging. Now, rather than “should” it’s more of a question, “how to”. Ironically, the original blogging monetization tactic of choice – advertising – is what goes on to be the most frustrating for most bloggers. I’m more convinced than ever that the traditional approach to online advertising is a bad deal for sponsors, and a terrible deal for publishers.

Last year, I quietly removed all third-party sponsors from Oman Phone Number List Copyblogger. The percentage of revenue generated from these sponsors. From my own projects, joint ventures, and affiliate marketing promotions is clear, and there is no reason to put some effort into the relatively cheap sidebar.

Affiliate Marketing

Whatever you call it on influencer platforms, blogs or not, social media content is produced as a result of not being a passive advertising airbag. I’m not saying you can’t make money from posting 125×125 ads on your sidebar, I’m just saying you walk away from ignoring the big picture from the lion’s share of revenue. For many new media content producers, this is the difference between doing it part time and going pro.

Oman Phone Number List
Oman Phone Number List

Assuming that’s your goal, you want to make the most of the platform you’ve got. Here are some ways to maximize the potential of your influencer platform in 2009: 1. Direct sales As I’ve said many times, having to sell directly to your audience is ideal. Even better is to sell something your audience has told you, directly or indirectly, that they want to buy. Many offline businesses fail on social media because the audience they develop doesn’t necessarily want what they’re selling.

Integrated Sponsorship

From this, they mistakenly believe that social media audiences can’t buy it either. If you have an audience but nothing sells. You have an advantage. You watch, listen and learn what your tribe wants, rather than trying to force them what they don’t want. 2. Affiliate Marketing The next best thing to owning your own product or service is to resell someone else’s stuff.

In fact, it’s smart to see what your audience will buy through affiliate marketing after you make up your mind to develop your own product or offer your own service. The key to successful affiliate marketing is positive influence . Pick a product or service that is a great fit for your audience.

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