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We gather here today to honor the memory of our friend, Web Journal. This is his birth name. Most know him only as a blogger. Blogging life is tragically cut short at a very young age. I’m sad to say that he never really hit his stride or had to grow up, enjoying the opportunity that could have been his prime minister . When the blog was born, he was full of hope and energy.

He dreams of becoming an educator . He likes to have an audience, Singapore Phone Number List although our friend blogger had to accept a very small one. Those of us who know the blog well know that he is not a patient person. While many admired the blogger because he was an opinionated, He was often admonished to rush into things. I think if the blog were here today.

Blogging Is Self-centered

he would tell you that he would have been wise to have been more careful about planning. Again, while we honor the spirit of the blogger, like everyone else, he is deeply flawed. Blogging is self-centered. He longed to be heard, but seldom listened. So many things, the blog has to say about himself, his company, his achievements. It’s hard to imagine that the blogger never noticed that his audience was being tuned out, but he stuck in his way.

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Singapore Phone Number List

Some things are inexplicable. Blogging is also unpredictable. There’s no denying he’ll last days, weeks, sometimes, months, but then he’s gone for a long spell. It’s always been a mystery when blogging will come again. Blogging isn’t all about caring about your appearance. In fact, some might say – kindly, of course – that this blog is a messy mistake. He keeps his space busy.

We Mean to Celebrate the Short Life

In his old business, which can be a distraction . Blogging is bland. Don’t get me wrong. You know, he loves him. He is as unique as all children of God. However, having seen some blogger work, I must say that his charisma has not come before. He held back his fear of criticism . Some would say that our friends bloggers are short-lived. He doesn’t have much networking, so the vast majority of his peers have little reason to pay him for any ideas. Some of what you do blogging does so you know how to think about it and can go it alone. I mentioned earlier that patience is not one of the advantages of blogging.

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