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Billy Mays, who tragically passed away this summer at the age of 50, was a potbellied, black-bearded Atlantic City Mardi Gras buck in a blue long-sleeved white undershirt. He has a loud, harsh, and annoyingly exuberant voice. He seems to lean forward through the TV screen and put his nose in your face the way only pitchmen do.

The Madison Avenue-style brand marketer who believes Argentina Phone Number List asking for an order even once, unless it’s in the little gray type, is dignified, defied, just plain bad habits, absolutely hate him. Distributors adored him. Consumers, then, they either love or hate him or don’t know him at all (presumably the owner of TiVo). Bottom line: Billy sold the hell stuff. And he didn’t do it all over again.

The Secret Behind Great Salesmanship

Billy belly up, tv viewers bar and speak straight, give some advice: you have a problem, i have fixed it, i can guarantee, or your money is back, buy it now and i will make you better ‘s transaction. Indecent to the max. But he sold it and made millions. Not by skill; no fake images, cheating or stealing, just the secrets of great acting and great salesmanship behind it.


The secret behind great salesmanship But great salesmanship, contrary to popular opinion, is not selling ice to the Eskimos. The truth is less pompous and far more reasonable. Simply put, behind every great salesman is a great product . Get to know Billy Mays, better than most. Because if it’s a great product, it’s easy to sell Billy, who has honed his sales skills for more than two decades. Who can grab your attention than Billy Mays ( hi, Billy Mays here)

Your Product Must Have the Following 5 Essential Character Traits

Get you excited ( so fast, easy) words that make you want to buy ( no more bells, dents or scratches, and it saves you money, too…)…, lets you buy it ( don’t worry, order now and I’ll) So, how do you know if the product you’re currently selling or developing is great…and sells well? According to Billy Mays… Your product must have the following 5 essential character traits.

A problem that must be solved. If it doesn’t fix, mend or relieve a lingering pain, problem. Condition or situation, why do people want it, let alone buy it? There must be a strong, identifiable, somewhat measurable or obvious benefit to owning and using your product.

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