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Virtualization and cloud computing and the evolution of business models are profoundly changing the way we work. The innovative paradigms of ‘Smart Working’ bring strong benefits in terms of costs. Productivity to companies which to enable them both on a technological. Organizational level must however face the difficulty of finding the necessary resources. Coordinating the functions involv the resistance of people to changing procedures and hierarchies. The rigidity of laws and collective agreements.

Big Data What They Are And

Alejandro Pisa, research manager Servo. Smart Working Kazakhstan Phone Number Politico di Milanese issues were discuss at the recent event The offices of the future. How to visualizer workspace organiz by Executive with VMware with speeches by.  Alejandro Pisa research manager of the Smart Working Observatory of the School of Management of the. Politico di Milan by Enrico Coverings, Business Solution Stemware Strategist.

How Companies Compete

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Alessandro Piva presented the evidence of the Smart Working Observatory , which we summarize briefly here . “We found that ‘traditional’ workers in Italy are 43% of the total, that is a minority the remaining 57% work mostly outside the office, they organize their working hours by themselves.

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