Beyond the Eyeballs: Three Body Parts That Can Generate Real Income

The advertising world is obsessed with “eyeballs.” If you want your blog to sell ads, for example, you have to show how many unique users each come to the scene every week and how much eyeballs a potential advertiser sees looking at your stuff.

But the reader is more than eyeballing it. If you want to Bahamas Phone Number List get beyond advertising, where the real money is, and find your own village of profitable customers , you need to think beyond simple eyeballing and set out to tackle the entire human race. Here are some places to start. brain If you want to use content to create or support a profitable business, the surest strategy is to deliver some real benefit to your audience. That’s not to say entertainment and fashion don’t work, they do.


(You could argue that they offer one benefit we all hope for: boredom relief and a break from our program) However, fashion and entertainment themselves are short-lived. 99% of today’s hot topics will not be on anyone’s radar in 18 months. You want to be the Beatles or Bob Marley, there are no great powers. The problem with alleviating boredom as a business model is that customers tend to be, well, bored easily.

But it’s a tricky game for long distance play. The safest way in business is to solve the significant problem of really eavesdropping on your potential customers. Fitness, dating, business, self-help, and parenting are all year-round lucrative themes for this reason.


They provide a lot of interesting problems to solve. Don’t, however, make the mistake of thinking that entertainment and fashion won’t play a role in your business. If you can infuse your accounting blog or website with parenting and personality and style, you’ll do a lot better than competitors who insist it’s just facts. The brain wants intelligent solutions to significant problems. It also wants fun, interesting, and novel content to play with. Mixing entertainment with practical benefits that no brain can resist. Heart The human heart is for connection.

When you create a village of satisfied customers around the world, they will want to know one of them. Make room for customers to connect with each other and share their experiences and discoveries. Of course, they sometimes complain.

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