Beyond Conversion Tips and Tricks: What Letters Are You Selling?

We’ve spent a lot of time covering the many conversion landscape landing page tips and techniques available – and we’ll continue to do so in future articles. But now I want to step back and examine a deeper angle. Do you really believe what you are selling or promoting?

In a copywriting insider , from the biweekly e-letter June 20, 2007 issue of Costa Rica Phone Number List the American Association of Writers and Artists (AWAI), direct marketing expert and fundraising legend, Mal Warwick, talks about the factors that distinguish wordsmithing from truly outstanding abilities copy. Here are some examples of what he believes to be the key factors: For me, the key to writing a strong letter is always believing in what I’m writing.

Do You Really Believe What You Are Selling or Promoting? Are You Really Interested or Just a Way to Make Money?

In fact, under the agency’s rules…we don’t work for anyone who we don’t agree with. We support the values ​​that nonprofits share here on behalf of my colleagues and me. It means we are very, very advantageous when we are writing because the words come more freely and naturally… we come to the table with some awareness.

Costa Rica Phone Number List
Costa Rica Phone Number List

I would like to add sympathy to the last statement, perhaps towards the donor (in the case of fundraising) or the commercial prospect we hope to attract respect. I have no problem doing buck, nor should you. How copywriting/marketing makes my life. But it’s been obvious to me early in my career that I’ve done my best work, I’m genuinely passionate, passionate about the product/service, and I’m pushing whether it’s For myself – like AdoptShoppe , my online store and ecommerce test lab – or for clients.

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The copy always flows faster and more smoothly. I just didn’t have it working because it was so hard to make it all work. With years of investing, it’s true to me now, today, that it was then. Tweak all your landing pages, bite and tuck aside – your landing pages are built on copy.

If you aren’t feeling it, neither will your potential customers. Sure, you might fool them once, but it’s unlikely that you’ll fool them twice or more long distances. Smart marketers know that you can’t build a profitable long-term business with one-off customers. The way you are, you’ll be one step ahead of failure for sure. But when you recognize that a visitor translates into initiating a potentially long-term relationship

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