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We are traditionally big here at Copyblogger. And I’m not just talking about that crazy Puerto Rican eggnog. (Who knew you could get so much rum into a seemingly innocent dairy-based drink?) Every year before Christmas, we let you know that we take out the rest of the year.

And every year, we swipe right before New Year’s Day for “Best Copybloggers,” in case you missed anything juicy, Cameroon Phone Number List over the past 12 months. Man, we’re sneaky. So here are the best Copyblogger articles from 2011, based on your enthusiasm and my own bias towards what content you want in 2012 that will get you there. Here are the winners, by category and presented in order of my personal whims

Better, Smarter, Faster Social Media Marketing

Create killer content that builds your audience Content marketing took a giant leap forward, and 2011 and 2012 will be a terrific year for learning how to create content, read, watch, and listen to businesses. For those who still think scraped, sad, sad year “spinning”, or otherwise lame content is going to get them anywhere. What is the difference between content marketing and copywriting? They’re not the same thing, but if you’re smart, you’ll use them both. Start here to really understand what content can (and can’t) do for you.

Cameroon Phone Number List
Cameroon Phone Number List

Two Essential Elements of Irresistible Content There are only two elements content absolutely needs to succeed. Get them right and all you can do is gravy. Get them wrong and you’ll be broken, lonely, and funny looking. Why people don’t want the “real” you You can get a t-shirt from Brian’s Joy Division.

Build a Business That Makes You Want to Go

What Seth Godin meant when he told you to be a better liar, why learn what your “witty” drunk tweets Just get people to stop following you. 109 How to Make Your Business Irresistible Media Bet you didn’t know that traditional PR was the first form of content marketing, did you?

Well, it is, and it still matters. Here’s how you can shape your story so that reporters will actually talk to you. Copywriting and conversion to make your money You never knew there was a huge audience who still broke people? This is because the content gets your love and attention, but you still have to shake your cash cow. That’s where copywriting and conversion come in, put them together and you’ll be an unstoppable force. Just like Borg.

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