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And yes, it is already April 1st. And who says April 1st of course says April Fools! The Web is fond of this tradition, and sites and bloggers go to great lengths every year to invent the craziest rumors for you. Like last year (see the best April Fools 2009 ), I’m going to try to list you the best April Fools of the day. Don’t hesitate to contribute by indicating your links in the comments so that I can update the post! And for April Fools 2011, it’s here ! You can also check out April Fools’ Day 2012 . The Ministry of Labor Armenia WhatsApp Number List replaced by its Twitter account With fictitious followers? ministry The Elysée has acquired “decision support” software Ah yes anyway… The comments seem to indicate that many believe in it. Anyway, it’s very funny. Selected excerpts: “ On the retirement age, one of his proposals was nevertheless to extend the working time to 82 years!

The Ministry of Labor Website Replaced by Its Twitter Account

A necessary threshold according to his calculations to reach the critical point likely to attract votes from the National Front. ” Enormous ! street89 Apple buys Dell! At the same time, it’s the kind of rumors you hear all year round Armenia WhatsApp Number List A hard-to-swallow April Fool’s joke! mac hack What ? How? ‘Or’ What ? Raymond Domenica resigns! April Fools will turn into truth soon. How so finally? Domenica The newsletter of the newspaper of the net Le journal du net is a regular on April Fools’ Day, with a special newsletter each year. Always a great moment of happiness. This year, we are entitled to lines to copy if you are caught downloading (finally a credible Hadopi) and at the exit of Google from France. I let you discover the rest! jdn Google translate for animals Google is also a regular at April Fools. This year, they’ve come up with an application capable of understanding animals…Nice! translate animals But also : TEX Tp save YouTube bandwidth cost by You tube Farewell rotary,

What ? How? ‘or’ What ? Raymond Domenech Resigns

Armenia WhatsApp Number List
Armenia WhatsApp Number List

By Visibility The joke of You To You to other communication agencies by You To You E-commerce sites will have to close on Sunday on the blog of the Web agency Ax Macplus April Fool’s Day Archaeologists discover the entrance to a tunnel linking Corsica to Italy by RTL The iPad of the 3rd age by MacForEver Armenia WhatsApp Number List acquires Chat Roulette by Tux board The LIVRA, the ideal electronic book on Le Point du FLEA free iPad for all Luxembourg residents by IT Nation Culture Buzz becomes Culture Ram dam, to adapt to the legislation on Culture Buzz Google goes nuclear on TechCrunch Your Google Wave notifications straight to your home by Ashton Kutcher by Google Black holes appear following the launch of the particle accelerator by the RTBF Thanks to Google, your fridge will be connected to the Internet on WebRankInfoGoogle will fetch your search directly from your mind through Google ,

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