Become a Master of Metaphors and Multiply Your Blog Effectiveness

Aristotle and countless other master communicators have begun to use the power of metaphor to effectively persuade and inform. Metaphors let you make complex simple, controversial and delicious. Instead, metaphors allow you to create extraordinary meaning out of the seemingly mundane. People often associate metaphors with poetry, literature, and art, but we all use metaphors in our day-to-day conversations, often without realizing it.

Because they are so effective at communicating El Salvador Phone Number List immediate tangible and conceptual information. Metaphorical expressions are woven throughout the fabric of the English language. Metaphoric Understanding Ignite Consider the following points:She has a special place in my heart I am at the height of my career Education is the road to success living in the fast lane.

Metaphoric Understanding Ignite

She follows in her mother’s footsteps Snow cover fell last night. While metaphors are pervasive in our everyday discourse. Strategically using metaphorical expressions can be one of the most persuasive techniques in your language toolbox. Simply changing a word, phrase or story can make the difference between the success and failure of an argument or presentation. Iacocca and Chrysler Safety Net In her book Metaphorical Sales , Anne Miller tells the story of a $1.2 billion loan guarantee to the then-failed Chrysler Corporation’s 1980 congressional appropriation.

El Salvador Phone Number List
El Salvador Phone Number List

To avoid the inevitable loss of tens of thousands of jobs and the bankruptcy of Chrysler, Iacocca went to Washington for bailout. Of course, a government bailout is the last thing Congress is interested in offering at this point. Iacocca reframes the trope of using a “safety net” that would prevent a significant percentage of U.S.

Iacocca and Chrysler Safety Net

citizens from falling into economic turmoil. With one simple word, Iacocca turned to the loan’s perceived distance from the taxpayer’s. Potential blight, and an exercise toward responsible government. Visual rock words are harder Metaphors are so powerful. Because of a simple fact of the human psyche: We react more easily emotionally than rationally.

Thanks to the differences between the two hemispheres of our brain. What attracts our attention and sticks with us is what we see and feel through our right brain . After this, the rational left hemisphere can articulate through the relational nature of the metaphorical information itself. In other words, sight words work better than words that lack images when it comes to effective communication, as long as they are something we can logically relate to to our left brain.

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