Backtype, Monitoring and Follow-up of Comments

For once, I’m going to introduce you to a service that is about to celebrate its first candle. Nothing very new then, but a site that has proven itself enough to become a classic. Back type bills itself as a conversation search engine . More specifically, the site is responsible for grouping your  Ukraine WhatsApp Number List the same page to allow you to follow your exchanges more easily. But Blacktip does not stop there, many features are offered. While many blogging-related services are more time-consuming and gimmicky than anything else, this one has real utility . Aggregation of his comments This is the primary functionality of the site.

But a Site That Has Proven Itself Enough

When you register, you must specify the URL of your blog, the one with which you sign your comments. Your homepage will automatically group the blogs you comment on . It will therefore be a central space for your online activities. The interest is to no longer forget certain comments left that were waiting for a response or an exchange. comments As a bonus, you will find on the right the list of blogs on which you have already commented. An RSS feed is Ukraine WhatsApp Number List your latest reactions handy. Many blogs already offer an email subscription to new comments. Problem, if you comment on certain controversial (or animated) posts, you can quickly be overwhelmed with notifications… The RSS feed offered by Blacktip solves this problem. Another possibility is to receive a daily or weekly summary of their contributions by email .

Your Homepage Will Automatically Group

Ukraine WhatsApp Number List
Ukraine WhatsApp Number List

You can configure the latter on the Dashboard, section “Edit Account”. Want to twitter your comments for the benefit of everyone? You can link Blacktip to your microblogging account. This happens on “Edit account”, Twitter section. And to finish convincing you, Ukraine WhatsApp Number List several blogs (if you sign differently depending on your visits) and add your Digg, Reddit, Friend feed and other profiles in the Dashboard>Claim comments section. The circle will then be complete! Centralization of comments and Twitters of a blog Following his comments on other blogs is good. But what about his? The bursting of the returns made on your articles does not make the census easy. Twitter in particular has a good life: it is not uncommon to have more ReTweets on a post than comments. Blacktip offers you to count both comments and Retweets made on your articles. Very convenient. Small example with Thierry ‘s blog

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