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So you book directly. While you Italy Phone Number haven’t even looked at all the other options yet. And afterwards you always feel a little used. is effective in putting you at the mercy of you. Every. Single. Damn. time. Scarcity and marketing automation This principle offers many possibilities within marketing automation. For Italy Phone Number in your e-mail or on your website, include offers that only apply that day or bring limited editions of products to the attention. Or how about exclusive offers that only apply that day and limited Italy Phone Number editions of products that are almost sol out? The more you can increase the pressure, the better you apply scarcity. Principle.

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Consistency Let beliefs be consistent Italy Phone Number with values. People like to be consistent. So once they have spoken out about something or someone, there is a good chance that they will continue to support that position. If you want to influence this, this must be done step by step. Little by little you make someone more of a fan of your brand. Until they Italy Phone Number can’t take it anymore. If we look at the psychological aspect of this, the explanation can probably be found in the fact that people tailor their devotion to their self-image. In Italy Phone Number short: you gradually make people enthusiastic about your brand in marketing and then keep them because they identify with your brand.

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A strong example of this is Nike versus Italy Phone Number Adidas, or Android versus Apple. You are a fan of one or the other. Consistency and marketing automation With marketing automation, consistency is all about the brackets you put in to gradually turn someone into a customer. That’s how it works: It starts with a post on your Instagram page. Your Italy Phone Number becomes familiar with your brand. Then this person visits your website once and reads a blog. That’s hook two. Readers of this blog can then be approache with landing pages with dynamic content Italy Phone Number the blog about.

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