Attracting Talent

Another significant example is that of ‘The artist’, a French film that achieved great success and won the Oscar while not respecting any rules of today’s cinema: it is a silent film, shot in black and white, without special effects or action scenes, and is played by semi-unknown actors.An innovator is also Michael O’Leary, founder of Ryanair, who has disregarded all the rules hitherto followed by the big airlines. They all worked hard on efficiency, but they never questioned the things that were taken for granted: giving a minimum standard level of service to passengers, assigning seats, serving snacks, selling tickets through agencies. Looking at things from a different angle, O’Leary has turned air travel into a mass market.

Attracting Talent A Tough Challenge

Parker doesn’t make pens: he makes gifts So the rule is this El Salvador Phone Number challenge the rules, challenge the basic assumptions taken for granted, and imagine a completely new scenario. Innovators don’t listen to experts, they don’t rely on established theories. I worked for IBM for 11 years and met Don Estridge. In the late 1970s, IBM was making Mainframes, there were the first Apple computers and the Commodore. All components and software used by IBM were proprietary, internally developed, chips, motherboards, etc. Estridge was tasked with launching a new product, the personal computer, in less than a year. And faced with this challenge, he broke all the rules by designing an open PC architecture, and buying the components from outside: the chips from Intel, the OS from Microsoft. At IBM they were horrified, but it was a great success.

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But how do you break the rules? We start by asking questions. Why do we do things like this? What goal do we have? Don’t be afraid to ask even the most trivial questions. Take Parker, the pen manufacturer, for example. At one point he was in crisis, with demand having been falling for years. The question they kept asking was “how to sell more pens?” But it was a wrong question, much better to ask “what business are we really in?” The fact is that people don’t buy Parkers to write, but to give gifts, and for this reason the company at a certain point decided to consider itself a player in the gift market, and no longer not in the pen market, thus returning to success.

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