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Here are some stats on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, along with some tips and best practices to help you run your social media campaign ahead of the holiday season In 2017, 40% of Black Friday deals happened on mobile phones. This is an 11% increase over smartphone transactions in 2016. Every year, smartphone usage Austria B2B List more mobile shopping this year. The challenge for mobile shoppers is that users can easily take their attention away from what they’re buying. If the buying experience is too difficult or unclear, people will quickly opt-out. So while you’re probably already optimizing your mobile social media ads (don’t you?), it’s important to check your landing pages, online storefronts, and checkout processes for mobile compatibility.

Update your social media profiles

We’ve discussed supporting your social media advertising with an active social media profile before, and this advice applies to social media advertising on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. The two most effective sales tactics in history are scarcity and urgency. There is a lot of marketing and psychology research to back this up. Luckily, both Austria B2B List both built in. If you’re saying your Black Friday deals end at midnight, you’re not making up anything, and the sales numbers are so high that it’s perfectly reasonable to say things might sell out. The trick is to remind people of urgency and scarcity when shopping. There are two really effective ways to remind people of time constraints and inventory constraints

Let people know that Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday


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The best way to beat your competitors is not to compete with them. Go where they don’t sell. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are marketing territories in their own right. If you’re using normal lingo, the only way to get your attention is to yell “Black Friday Deals!” louder than everyone else, which may not even be possible. So keep Austria B2B List in your lineup, but add content to your campaign that no one else will use. Creativity is the key here. Chubbies shorts are a good example. Last year, they named Cyber ​​Monday “Thigh Monday” to boost their holiday sales (and shorts). Talk about these business holidays in terms that only your brand would use, and avoid marketing yelling with your competitors.

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