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The risk is inevitable calculate it True innovators were also the Jacuzzi brothers. Who emigrat from Friuli to the USA who in the 1950s invent the tub for hydrotherapy treatments. It didn’t sell much at first. Sick people and hospitals did not buy it but the Jacuzzis realiz that. Among the few buyers there were many rich people.Therefore they completely chang the marketing strategy achieving global success. So here’s another lesson if you have something really innovative. It almost never works the first time you always have to adjust your shot on the go. In other words a wrong answer is right for another question. Another fundamental lesson in innovation comes from tennis. Why do Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer make double faults? Why they have to risk: Risk is expected in sport, and the same is true for business. But the point is how much risk? The best question here is: what can happen in the worst case?

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A very recent lesson here comes from Earphone Warehouse Georgia Phone Number an English chain of stores selling smartphones. One day the CEO Charles Dun stone, examining the sales statistics, realized that the buyers of the Motorola Raze were 80% men and 20% women. He thought it was too serious a color problem, so he called Motorola asking what the minimum lot was to have a stock of hot pink Raze to sell exclusively. The answer was 250,000 pieces. Dun stone gathered his managers, considered what could happen to the worst by placing the order, and decided to take the risk. They sold 600,000 pieces. In short, always take the risk if it is calculated, and do not listen to those who say “whoever makes you do it, the company is doing well anyway”: it is often more risky to do nothing.

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In conclusion, therefore, to have an innovative mentality it is necessary to define a mission, to test the consolidated convictions with many questions, to seek new points of view, and to take calculated risks. A truly innovative leader celebrates successes, learns from mistakes, and punishes inaction. Remember that there is always a better way to do things: implementing best practices is copying the past, while innovating is imagining a different world.

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