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I presented a new business idea to a group of investors last week. I’m never nervous when speaking publicly, but just because I’m comfortable doesn’t mean when speaking, I’m perfect. In fact, it probably means that my shortcomings are more obvious than anyone’s.

I take extra care and watch my body language. Body  Belgium Phone Number List language accounts for the majority of communication – not your words. One thing I paid particular attention to was how much my lower body moved. What is this all about blogging? I persevered. or myself I see the speakers move, isn’t that a bad thing.

Make Your Gesture Meaningful

In fact I still tend to doze off whenever someone is standing. Think traditional missionaries camping in the pulpit and reading large books. You see, I almost fell off just now. Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt the pain of a speaker while standing motionless during a presentation. One thing before we go: why are you raising your hand?

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You are alone in front of your computer, put down and someone sees you. I want to talk about healthy exercise . Like many things, the movement balance extreme situation when speaking in front of people. No movement is boring, and excessive movement exudes an air of tension. Check out this quote from Lin Sexton in a recent column in Worship Leaders Magazine : For novice performers, it’s a constant exposure of insecurities and uncomfortable feet.

Watch Your Feet Though Blog

They may sound plausible and may even show up in their torso-up character, but the tight feet expose a lack of craftsmanship and control. So confidence is considered a meaningful exercise. Walk confidently, walk calmly, and walk with purpose. Make your gesture meaningful If you don’t move, your position says a lot about you. A narrow stance, with feet together, is very feminine or docile. Imagine a police officer, lumbering up a passing pedestrian in a near-clunky wide stand. He does so and appears in control (whether he feels this way or not). But then considering that whenever someone is portrayed as helpless either as a child or as someone else, this is done with the feet  together .

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