Are Twitter and Social Networks Signaling the End of the Blogosphere?

The blogosphere has evolved considerably in a few years. Announced for a long time as the new media of influence , it has long carried the hopes of a democratization of prescription. The average consumer would become an opinion leader on his own scale as soon as he opened up a space for expression online. The rise of this type of media has left traces in the collective unconscious, with references to the “ blogosphere ” in the media still being just as numerous. Things have changed a France WhatsApp Number List. The last few weeks even seem to mark a turning point. The number of links posted , the blogger’s fuel, is down sharply for many if I believe it.Wikio indicator . The number of comments would also be down . The exchanges obviously take other turns.

Long Time as the New Media of Influence

Not to mention the famous stories of monetization and the (future) awareness of the limited interest of brands and agencies in infiltrating an environment they know little about. But then, what about the blogosphere? We are not witnessing, of course, the disappearance of the blogosphere , but a mutation of exchanges and communities. First observation, it is the high-tech blogosphere that evolves first. The exchanges have strongly delocalized. First culprit, Twitter. The micro-blogging network has greatly impacted the habits of many. RTs have France WhatsApp Number List , the Twitter account has replaced the blog in terms of influence and e-reputation. Some have therefore deserted the blog to devote themselves fully to Twitter. This explains the declining activity without causing a traffic deficit.. Twitter only points to content, which remains essential.

Limited Interest of Brands and Agencies

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France WhatsApp Number List

The number of duplicates is on the other hand less important, the news seen in the past everywhere being simply less repeated, the first to seize the info become referents and the copied/pasted lose much of their interest once the information is spread on Twitter. It is the exchanges that differ : links and comments have had their day. Motivation is therefore France WhatsApp Number List, as is the analysis of feedback and the spirit of yesteryear. The blogosphere exists less in certain sectors. Twitter is not the only culprit, social networks and Facebook also participate in this shift and the bursting of exchanges. But as underlined above, it is mainly high-tech blogs that have suffered from this transfer. The many other blogospheres are all the more visible: politics, women’s blogs, comics , …


The geeks have therefore been fooled at their own game! If the blogosphere is no longer really the same, there are of course the circles of knowledge. Exchanges are therefore made by affinity between “blogopoles” or indirectly on other networks. So how do we keep in touch with the community that interests us? Take the case of the employment blogosphere. Exchanges by interposed blogs (fortunately) still exist. To optimize its presence and its discussions, however, it is necessary to reorganize its online activity. The blog becomes the central plate of its presence but must be supplemented by other tools. It is important to identify the places frequented by members of your community to reach them.


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