Animated Films, Twitter Game, Photoshop Tutorials

Here we go again for an overview of the blogosphere . This week, a Twitter game stands out, as well as some Photoshop tutorials, tips for bringing your blog to life or even some really great animations . Good discovery ! Tools and Services tool Jean-Marie Gall – Friend feed launches real-time search via an embeddable widget: the service seems to be making animated Films, Twitter Game, Photoshop Tutorials strong comeback in recent weeks. He takes the opportunity to innovate. Twitteradar – Twitter game: Die Fail Whale : a flash Norway WhatsApp Number List  to the Twitter whale. Funnier than really addictive, but still. Geek after all – Twitter transforms #hashtags into links: it doesn’t look like much, but it’s a real revolution! Spawnrider – July calendar wallpapers : a nice selection from Smashing magazine.

Tools and Services To the Twitter Whale

Around the web – Hockneyizer, how to easily create photo collages : completely free and without registration, you can edit your photos in a few clicks. Fred zone – 11 tutorials for photo editing Norway WhatsApp Number List that all? Yes, but that’s not bad. Web news and reflections paper Vendee sign – Open Blog Week on Vendee sign #2: want to speak on another blog? Vendee sign opens its doors if you want to address a subject related to web 2.0 or the web. Enjoy! Stéphane Gillet – 8 ideas for bringing your blog to life : tips for making your blog more active. Keeg – Would the profitable license be global? : Ah ba when you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s funny… Thank you Maxime. Arf – over-connect : how will we talk about the blogosphere again in a few years? A beginning of answer here. Animated Films, Twitter Game, Photoshop Tutorials Nawab .

Web News and Reflections

Norway WhatsApp Number List
Norway WhatsApp Number List

Twitter police are watching your tweets! : be careful, you are being watched! Web news cocktail – Subscribe to the best twitts of the moment: it’s here : a quick and effective method to see the topics that are buzzing. Relaxation relaxation Whiteside – Revelation, Jay Van Norway WhatsApp Number List in photos, really excellent. Or how to get rid of his cardboard! Antoine’s blog – A little adventure that begins: Antoine embarks on the creation of iPhone and Facebook applications. Animated Films, Twitter Game, Photoshop Tutorials Good luck ! Skulpt – Rubik’s Cube Invader : really excellent stop motion Rubik’s cube. Gum – ALARM (Korean animated film) : superb animated film. Darkly blog – GTD and Motivation : look no further, this is the ultimate way to work better and faster.

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