Adapting Your Emails to Real-Time External Data


Live content technologies not only allow you to adapt CEO Email Addresses your email’s content to your recipient’s context but to any web data source actually.

CEO Email Addresses

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, stock can be a real pain point for some retailers, and receiving out-of-date emails is really frustrating for your recipients. With live content technologies you can insert any data from your website directly into your email, and it will be updated in real-time at each open of your email.

Let’s dive in this stock example. You could use a particular page of your site,

like the “Bestsellers” one, and choose to display the first four products. Every time someone will open your email, live content technologies will look at

your site and display the first four bestselling products — and if one runs out of stock,

it will automagically be replaced by the 5th bestselling product, and so on.


Now let’s say you run an hotel, you could use live content technologies

to pull your listing’s availability from your website to insert it into your email — see the example below. This doesn’t work for rooms only, sport stadiums,

theaters, airline or train companies could also use this to display

up-to-date seats, no matter when your email is opened.


Have you ever used a live content technology before? If not, which data would you be interested in inserting into your emails so it’s updated in real-time?

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