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This year I decided not to go along New Zealand Phone Number with the madness of all the marketing trends of the new year. Instead, I take you into what, despite all the trends and new developments, has always been effective. Which has survived the test of time, and will remain effective in the future. Use human evolution to your advantage Both New Zealand Phone Number consciously and unconsciously, psychology has had a major impact on how marketing has been conducted over the years, and for good reason. Because many tricks that marketers use to sell New Zealand Phone Number their products and influence consumers are based on psychology.

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On behaviour, patterns and routines that New Zealand Phone Number are both learne an evolutionary in nature ( nature – nurture ). But unlike a psychologist, marketers prefer not to help you get rid of this behavior. They like to use it to encourage you to consume. So what activates us to want to buy? The biggest trigger of the unconscious behavior New Zealand Phone Number that the consumer exhibits originates from evolution . From our instinct to want to survive. And we still haven’t unlearned this after 5 million years. These basic needs from evolution can New Zealand Phone Number be divided into 3 categories: danger food reproduction But what are these evolutionary needs for and how do you respond to them with the help of marketing.

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Don’t succumb to danger, trigger it Danger New Zealand Phone Number Danger can indicate a direct physical threat. But it can also be experience as indirect, in which personal relationships play an important role. Because you couldn’t turn a mammoth or tiger into dinner on your own in prehistoric times, you needed help from others. It was even dangerous to New Zealand Phone Number live alone. That is why danger can be divide into ‘direct danger’ and ‘indirect danger’. Immediate danger How often have you experienced yourself that when something doesn’t belong New Zealand Phone Number somewhere, you immediately notice it? Probably often. This is actually very logical. Being alert at all times used to be necessary, because anything out of the ordinary coul mean your en.

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