About Assigning Conversions to Google Analytics

So far, we’ve seen how we measure channel performance. How we analyze customer engagement from the first interaction to sales, and what limitations. We need to consider. As you can see, it is not easy to measure. The user’s journey or to understand the Honduras WhatsApp Number List value of each channel. There are technical difficulties, but also a permanent two-way influence between channels. In fact, measuring user traffic and assigning the correct conversions. Giving each channel a proper contribution to the conversion, are among the most complicated tasks. A PPC, online marketing or e-commerce specialist faces.

What Is Conversion Attribution but to Answer the Question

But to answer the question: Which online promotion channels have the best results? there is a conceptual model that can be used, that of attributing conversions. Conversion attribution is the process of identifying user actions. Which contributes to Honduras WhatsApp Number List a certain extent to the achievement of the desired goal by us. Then a value will be assigned to each channel, based on the contribution to the desired result. More in Romanian: if a person had interactions with 3 channels before buying something from the site. How much value do we give to each one? Which channel had the largest contribution?

Conversion Assignment Models Several Sales Assignment

The channel that first brought the site to the buyer, the channel that generated the last click before the purchase? Or maybe they all contributed something? If so, by how much? And how much to invest in each channel? These are just some of the questions that the Honduras WhatsApp Number List conversion assignment aims to answer. Conversion assignment models Several sales assignment templates have been created to answer the above questions. Here are the most important ones: The last interaction, the most used, and the one. That is set by default by most platforms (Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.). The last contact point gets all the credit for the conversion.

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