Italian companies multinationals present in Italy have set out in search of new IT figures. In particular areas such as big data analytics Mobility the Cloud. And this despite the economic crisis the drop in IT spending. This is what Value Search a company that operates in. The direct search for managers and professionals is revealing. From 2011 to 2014 the requests received by us for figures relat to the Cloud increas. By 200 percent 70 percent for mobility and 300 percent for big data and analytics. Explains Caterina Tortorella partner together with Roberta Rachello of.

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There is a demand for new profiles or new Philippines Phone Number skills with which to update existing ones. It involves vendors, system integrators, but also the information systems areas of end-user companies.These are companies from various sectors, banks, retail or fashion for example. It means that the new skills required are important across the market, regardless of the specific sector in which the companies operate.For example, companies want their chief architect, an existing profile, to acquire new skills to govern the theme of the cloud and the use of services and apps on different devices, including mobile.How dtalian companies usually respond to these new needs?In two ways: with the training of existing figures – through external specialized consultancy companies – or by taking them from the market. In this second case they turn to us for research.

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Vendors and system integrators who are addressing new technological trends such as the cloud are, for example, increasingly interested in the figure of the business unit director. This is to bring new cloud technologies and services to market. Also relevant is the figure of the contract manager, who elaborates and manages the service contract in the cloud. In short, a great evolution in legal skills is required. Sometimes the country in which the cloud service is provided differs from the one in which it is used. Consequently, one must have competence in international law. Not only that: new experts are also emerging in the packaging of the offer, in the calculation of pricing and metrics for calculating the use of the services themselves to which the service level agreements are connect.

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