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Big news this week, the release of the site Launched at the same time as our competition for the best job blogs , it aims to centralize information, advice and other expertise related to the world of work in one place. A direct follow-up to the regional job blog platforms that have  Poland WhatsApp Number List sites until now, it is centered on the job blogosphere. Several entries are available to discover the latest news on the subject: the latest updated posts from all of the 2,600 blogs on our platform but also external blogs that have registered, a directory by function but also a page grouping theblogs of companies and HR experts .

Competition for the Best Job Blogs

The objective is clear: to promote exchanges, discoveries and meetings, to give visibility to job blogs and to provide recruiters with a practical tool. The novelties are numerous, a ticket is not too much to present them to you. The home page Home The home page provides access to the different categories listed on the site. With one click, you can choose to view Poland WhatsApp Number List registered job blogs, HR and business blogs or the directory. A link is also present to come and visit my blog or that of the editorial staff . It is of course possible from this page to create your blog for free . Finally, you can access the administration of your blog at the top right of the page. No need to use the default address that was sent to you, just enter your username and password to connect.

The Home Page Provides Access to the Different

Poland WhatsApp Number List
Poland WhatsApp Number List

One more reason to bookmark the site. Isn’t life beautiful? Words from bloggers bloggers sayings The Words of Bloggers space highlights the latest posts from registered blogs . The space is open to anyone who wants it, whether or not they are on our platform. The condition is of Poland WhatsApp Number List related to employment , job search or business expertise. The main page offers a qualitative selection. It is possible to find all posted posts (including those of new blogs) in the “All posts” tab. The “Commented +” section highlights the lively discussions of the moment. A tag system will allow you to find tickets dealing with a particular theme: cover letter, DIF or business creation for example. This space therefore brings together all the news of job blogs, ideal for discovering other bloggers and starting to exchange!

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