A Geek Resume for Meuporg Fans

In the series of original CVs, here is the geek CV, Directed by Pierre-Alexandre Bouillon alias Pip mantis it will remind you of role-playing games and other MMORPGs where the goal is to gain experience and levels. He presents his skills and abilities as a journalist specializing in video games, indicating his performance levels. It’s very well thought Australia WhatsApp Number List, quite a fan of the result. Made more in a humorous tone than for real professional use in my opinion , catch the eye of specialized recruiters. What if this was also recruiting by affinity? For those interested, here is his real CV . Pip mantis And for those who didn’t understand the allusion to the manuport,

Two Researchers, Werner Geyer and Casey Dugan

A Telematic presenter cracked down a bit by presenting MMORPGs as being Manuports… What? Since then, mockery and over the web. Like what a journalist cannot cover everything if he is not well prepared. Here a remix for those who need a catch-up Australia WhatsApp Number List researchers.  Geyer and Casey Dugan, have indeed imagined a system of recommendations to revitalize the editorial activity of employee blogs, the lifeblood of the company. Even at IBM, which has a strong intranet and blogging platform, few employees blog regularly  Based on the principle that the blog generates the audience, ,

After Analyzing the Study Results

Australia WhatsApp Number List
Australia WhatsApp Number List

It is also possible to specify in your request which person you would like to see write about it. Bloggers can also consult the list of the most requested topics and everyone can Australia WhatsApp Number List for a topic to express their interest. After a month of use with 1,000 employees, The results are very positive posts designed with Blog Muse have received twice as many comments and have also been much more read than posts.

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