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Over the next 9 years, 90% of shopping will be online, which means over 80% of users will shop online ( source: Oberlo ). Since e-commerce site sales are going to grow exponentially in the next few years, it seems reasonable to have a site Philippines Phone Number List Search helps customers easily navigate and find what they are looking for and show them similar products. Once you know how to leverage user search preferences, you can better understand what your audience wants. Today, we will discuss an important question in the 2021 Google Analytics Individual Qualifying Exam, namely.

What can I track with Site Search?

Site Search allows you to understand users on your site by analyzing how well they utilize the search capabilities on your site. You’ll learn which search terms users entered, which search results were displayed, and how search results can be effective in driving engagement on your site. Therefore, having a search box on your  it can provide important insights into user intent. The Site Search feature on Google Analytics allows you to Philippines Phone Number List website visitors. It tells you exactly what they’re looking for by analyzing the search terms they type into the search bar. Therefore, the website search function is essential to improve the overall user experience of the website and tells you how to optimize the content and structure of the website to meet the needs of users. 


Why has site searched become so important?


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Site search has become Philippines Phone Number List for today’s website owners. It’s a simple and effective way to decode and understand visitor behavior and search intent. It also provides valuable insights to differentiate between different types of website users. Also, with the help of website search analytics, you can attract more visitors and lead to your products and services. According to statistics, website search is 1.8 times more effective in increasing conversion rates. So if you show your users exactly what they are looking for, the chances of conversion are high.

How does site search retain customers?

Did you know: As many as 68% of shoppers don’t return to sites that provide a poor search experience ( source: Add Search ). Online shoppers are impulsive and frivolous. They buy things that can be found easily and quickly. If your website starts Philippines Phone Number List show them what they want, end-users will leave disappointed. This is where site search can help you.

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