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A lot of smart writers can’t stand list posts . What is a list of posts? It is also known as a numbered list, or (shudder) listicle, which is a post whose title features a numbered collection of things. This post, for example, is a list post. There’s an awful lot of bad people out there.

Celebrity sites use them a lot (17 of these celebrities used to be hot etc). In fact, Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List all spam bloggers use them freely. So it’s only natural that a quality-focused content writer (like you) might try to avoid them. However, this would be stupid. Here’s why: Smart marketers always focus on the underlying human drivers.

Don’t Start With a Numbered List

And those drivers change very little, if at all. One of them, for whatever reason, is that the numbers we get are a little bit confusing. When we see a number in a headline, a part of our brain is activated (what persuaded scholar Robert Cialdini to invoke a click, whirr response), and an action we think is more likely to be taken – like, that is, a single Click on the title to check out the entire film. Check out this article right in the Top Jobs section.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List
Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

You will see many numbers. Now did these posts become as popular as they were in the title? The first number is a good booster, but it’s not a substitute for a stronger text, a high-solids strategy, or an effective booster. And that’s a matter of how most people view listing posts.

Understand What Problems You Solve

They start in the number of titles – but that’s not the right start. This leads to my first tip: #1. Don’t start with a numbered list You may have received an assignment from an editor, supervisor or client “Write on 10 Ways Listicle Does Our Thing.” Your business’s first priority is to go to your favorite writing forum and lament the fact that the word listicle is now a part of your life.

Sorry. If we could figure out a way to burn out the level of English, we would. But let’s move on. Even if this is technically your task, the worst way to create a list afterward is to open up your writing instrument of choice and put the numbers one through 10 in there, then look for ways to fill them in.

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