7 Dos and Don’ts of Video Content for Marketing

Video content has been steadily winning the hearts of marketers and audiences for years. The truth is, there’s hardly a better way . Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List while connecting emotionally with audiences – and sales .reflect that! However, many marketers blindly jump on the video marketing bandwagon. And while many find success right off the bat, many others end up spending a lot of time and resources on approaches that prove less than stellar or even effective. Even your strongest prospect won’t watch a long video about your products and services – their attention span can’t last that long! So, your video content should be short, or at least as short as possible.

All of your corporate videos should say something

All of your corporate videos should say something about your brand, even those that aren’t about your business per se! Any piece of content you share should reflect your brand’s unique style, making it recognizable and memorable to viewers. So when creating a marketing video, remember to include all the elements that set your brand apart: its logo, color scheme, typography, and most importantly, its attitude. TheCosta Rica WhatsApp Number List how you want people to perceive your brand. Whether you want your brand to come across as fresh, innovative, professional, or whatever, your video content should scream that.

Watch this video we created for Trim & Proper


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Video marketing is proving more effective every day, and it’s not hard to see why: people’s attention spans (and patience) are getting shorter hour by hour, so they need content short and compelling that can capture their interest. The Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List – some pieces are made without the viewer in mind. They have an egocentric approach or are long, unoriginal or uncomfortable to watch on mobile. On the other hand, successful videos are built based on what suits the audience best. This way, they can resonate with Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List ensuring a comfortable viewing experience. I hope the do’s and don’ts you learned today will guide you on the right path and help you create a video that can win the hearts of your audience.

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