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You’ve heard all the advice on how to be more productive. Focus, be motivated, get your workouts, floss, eat your veggies twice a day. We’ve chimed in with our own thoughts on the habit of efficient blogging . Twice, actually.

And the truth is, I’ve gotten a lot of productivity advice. Then if it weren’t for David Allen and Tony Schwartz, Latvia Phone Number List my life would consist of edible cakes and a Netflix check to see if a new Phineas and Ferb came out. But as a business owner, when you start to see a certain level of success — and meet others who have achieved some success — you sometimes find that building a business doesn’t always have to do with the authenticity of the pretty pictures painted in the efficiency manual .

Bad Habit #1: Being Thin Skinned

Today I’m going to talk about 7 “bad” habits that have popped up a lot of successful people. You probably don’t want to actually adopt all of these habits and traits. But if you have one or two (or more) of them, you might be able to stop using them, as an excuse for not trying to create some epic.

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Who knows, we might convince you to be a little more distracted, greedy, and arrogant. let’s start.  Skinned When you first start a business, everyone and he knows it, and all the uncles tell you, “You have to develop a thick skin.” What I’ve observed is that a lot of times, these suggestions come from people who praise themselves as completely ignoring people.  The sensitivity and insight of most successful people I know. Yes, when they get criticism, they feel like shit. Did they let trolls and whiners stop them from doing something great?

Bad Habit 2: Flaky

No. But, it’s not because they don’t feel insulted…it’s because they are more passionate about what they do than uncomfortable. The more you progress, the thicker your emotional skin will naturally get, as you start to realize that what you’re actually doing matters, and the Peanuts gallery doesn’t. But you don’t have to try to rush the process. Anyway, I never knew anyone who could. Next sensitivity is an asset, don’t try to beat it yourself. For bad Habit. Then we all know that we shouldn’t let things slip through the cracks. We should answer every email. Reply to every comment. when Back to those tweets about @Twitter. Wish our customers happy birthday on Facebook.

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