6 Ways to Find the “Big Idea” That Drives Your Product or Service

To successfully market your product or service, you must have a unique positioning concept . “The Big Ideas” I’m drowning in your different world . There are successful concepts, world-class examples, like FedEx’s iconic slogan, “When your bag is absolute. The front has to get there overnight.”

Or Nyquil’s long-standing slogan “Night, cough, Armenia Phone Number List sore, sniffling, stuffy head, fever, so take a still pill.” When you come up with the idea of ​​your product being perfect – from the best angle of selling it – everything belongs somewhere. Your title, subtitle, and even your catchy opening sentence become easier to write. Combine a great concept with a decent call with the right quote and action, and you start to get somewhere.

Allow Yourself the Incubation Period

The importance of insight But how do you get that brilliant flash of insight that allows you to discover the best angle from which to market your product? Most of the time, when we sit down and come up with new marketing ideas. It’s nothing but an amazing experience.


It felt more like us mules, with weights on our backs, toiling up a very steep mountain road. But every now and then – if we’re really, really lucky – we go through the day when we feel like we’ve reached the sky and put our creativity in the current rush of the clouds that flow in our hands. We felt like we could just plug in and let the ideas flow out of our pages. These are truly spectacular days. And to achieve successful copywriting – figuring out a perfect concept for every blog post you write, every product you sell – you need more of those spectacular days.

Collaborative and Diverse Teams

So, when you’re trying to figure out the best positioning for a new product, how do you get the all-important flash of insight? The creative process of finding big ideas Figuring out the best angle to sell your product. Your first step is to always research your topic thoughtfully and exhaustively. Take your serious research and understand your subject as best you can.

The legendary “madman” David Ogilvy begins his campaign with an in-depth. Study of every single person he is trying to reach. He then took that insight and fueled many home run ads, such as BIG IDEA who came up with the man in the Hathaway shirt.

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