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Guest blogging is also a common means of gaining exposure in blogs. Leo Baubuta, whose wildly successful Zen Habits blog gets 30,00 users a year, says his guest posts are really helping him take off . Similarity #3: Personal Branding Tupac and Seth Godin All of 2007’s top 10 best-selling rap albums credited an artist, not a group.

While occasional rap groups find success, Greece Phone Number List individual rappers’ personalities often shine through past group relationships. Rap is the personality-driven way, rock music (of course classical music), just not.

Cameo Key to a Major Success

The same applies to blogging. Blogs, blogs no, are superstars. Coppyblogger is Brian Clark, Problogger is Darren Lewis, IttyBiz is Naomi Dunford, Perez Hilton is Mario Lavandeira, and Dooce is definitely Heather Armstrong. It’s easier to identify a person than a website, and personality shines through even in team-made website branding. Similarity #4: Bosslessness The rapper said enough.

Greece Phone Number List
Greece Phone Number List

“I’m not a rapper.  signed to record labels, and produced by producers. But no one tells them when, how, and why it works. Also, they often work from their home studio, from the road, or from anywhere they happen to be inspired to write new lyrics. The same applies to most bloggers. We tend to call the shots, work from home, and go up, down with the popularity of our website. Is there anyone catching up with us when our user numbers drop.

Personal Branding

Occupation Snoop, Dre and Geeks Personal alliances, friendships and creative collaborative relationships run strong among the rappers. Set up raps to promote their friends, quote their peers, produce beats for colleagues, make cameos on Ally’s album, and help their friends get record-breaking contracts. 50 Points, Some Comparisons Between Enimen and Dr. Dre Famous alliances exist, as well as Notorious BIG, between Sean (Puffey) Combs and Lil Kim. Blogs form similar alliances. Friends circle guest posts, bloggers create web links, interview each other, etc. Blogging can seem a little incest at times. Make a mess with the blogs and you can get blacklisted through their network. I’d rather not go on a blog named Crew. But if you’ve been here long enough (hmm…one day?) the league will pop up.

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