6 Tactics That Turn Blogging Into a Business Engine

Somehow, the owner of a business is writing a blog post . She writes the title first, the introduction of the pen killer, so that she has 892 well-designed speech points. Satisfied, she clicks “Publish” and waits for Fortune to arrive with the $100 bill, the roll on one hand, and the published book on the other.

This is the legend of the only blogger who once Iran Phone Number List managed to climb Gangshan. I’m not going to debunk this story. The amazing content of handicraft is still the key business of building modernization. But buried in this story is that blogging is all you need to be a prerequisite for success.

Landing Page for Concierge and Content

That is, my friend, isn’t it true. Yes, blogging is an effective content strategy to start with . But blogging by itself doesn’t drive business. It needs help from a well-choreographed content marketing campaign. Here are six tactics that are essential to any such activity. When they are, your blog will become an engine that powers your business. #1: Content Outpost Your blog is the hub of your online presence, like an aircraft carrier sailing among cruisers and destroyers.


Iran Phone Number List
Iran Phone Number List

However, you need to expand your presence to social platforms that attract readers: The topic of tech and hobbies on Google+ (and here are 64 ways to do it ) Twitter’s general stakeholders tumblr (yes tumblr!) creative niche like photography, fine art, graphic design those threads on Pinterest , and LinkedIn for B2B professionals (they have several new powerful features to offer) Facebook to seek just everything Start your editorial calendar and look for opportunities to launch a topical conversation before publishing a blog post.

Long-term Email Autoresponder Campaign

Next, extend the conversation after using your blog. Consider posting particularly insightful comment snippets on each platform to reach more readers. #2: Lead Magnets Lead magnets, in exchange for a gift (or an ethical bribe) to readers of their email address. These “leads” are then ready for follow-up marketing via email campaigns.

Even if you don’t have a product offering today, building your email list now sets the stage for future success. You know, just saying “Registration Updates” doesn’t cut it anymore. People skimp on their emails , they want something tangible and valuable, before they give access to their inbox. Effective lead magnets include feature reports (7-10 pages), e-books (30+ pages), email courses, videos,

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