5 Visual Search Engines, From Mugurdy to Spezify

The search for reliable information is one of the main concerns of Internet users. Services that filter information to bring you the best are legion. Same observation for the search engines which are multiplying. Yet Google remains unbeatable despite the multiple offensives launched against it… Japan WhatsApp Number List choices available to you, there are visual search engines . They have the particularity of presenting an overview of the results before you click. This can be a decision-making aid, prevent you from arriving on garbage sites or even give you an idea of ​​the content you will find there. Often in English, the results are however not always very relevant for searches in French…

Same Observation for the Search Engines

Here are 5 rather successful ones in different styles. I find browsing through the results more pleasant than in a traditional search engine. Ujiko Ujiko derives its results from the Yahoo! which indexes more than 6 billion pages. It is even possible to extend your search via Kartoo and thus access Japan WhatsApp Number List pages. Once you have entered your search, you can refine the results by choosing additional keywords placed in the center of the screen. The display is original, you will have access to an overview of the sites by hovering over them. ujiko Redz The results are displayed here in the form of a carousel of visuals representing the target sites. Spin the “wheel” to access the different resources. Navigation will then be done without leaving the engine, which can be practical.

It Is Even Possible to Extend Your Search

Japan WhatsApp Number List
Japan WhatsApp Number List

Very few French results are however present. redz Kartoo Kartoo is a meta search engine that offers a multitude of customization options: from language and child protection to add-on side modules and the display of results. The latter are relevant and the searches in French are consistent. You will be entitled to a preview but also to part of the text present on the target page . What, for example, to have the answer to your Japan WhatsApp Number List to click. carto Augury Augury displays results in a classic way, or almost. The description is short and gives pride of place to thumbnails. It’s all very visual . mugurdy Specify Specify has the merit of being original but remains very messy. Enter a keyword, the page will be covered with photos, videos, excerpts from Twitter conversations or bits of text. A good idea for a result that is difficult to read .

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