5 Types of Prospects You Communicate Online

If you’re producing content to market your own service, physical product or digital product, you clearly want to have a return on investment for the time and effort you put in. On the other hand, you may have noticed that if you spend all your time selling ruthlessly. You are alienating a large portion of your potential audience.

The tricky thing about content production is Italy Phone Number List that different readers are at different levels of awareness , depending on. How long the offer you giving you is exposed, how much they’ve been reading and how much. And as you approach your offer will vary, depending on which stage your prospect happens to be on the way in.

The Five Stages of Reader Awareness

I am reminded of the roundtable written by John Fowler , this is a new issue. Jack pointed out that Eugene Schwartz addressed this breakthrough ad back in 1966. Schwartz broke down the prospect’s awareness into five distinct stages: 1. Clearest: You know the prospect of your product, you just need to know the “deal”. 2. Product Perception: Your prospect knows what you’re selling, but doesn’t know it’s best for him.

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Solution Awareness: Your prospect knows the result they want, but it’s not your product that delivers it. 4. Problem perception: Your prospect senses that he has a problem, but doesn’t know there is a solution. 5. Totally unaware: Except, perhaps, of his own identity or any opinion. As usual, we often find that the marketing challenges. As a result, we face have been passed decades ago by smart people like Schwartz and David Ogilvy . This means we don’t delve into selling directly to every viewer who finds our content.

Problem Perception

These people still don’t know if what you’re offering is right for them, even if you’ve educated them in some creative content marketing . They  want to be hit hard with offer information because they hang earlier in the conversion process. Countermeasures : If your content is not appropriate for your situation in that case, you may need to shape your content to more fully address the prospects and objections in question. (Again, email autoresponders are such an excellent tool.) As always, the key is to provide real content that has independent value and justifies the benefits of your offer…there’s a link. Of course, the end of a well-designed landing page.

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