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I’m referring to my dog ​​tikka my “learning experience” dog. In her youth, she made the fame of Marley Marley and I looked like a model of obedient canine virtue. Tika had a tumultuous past and by the time I adopted her, she had almost every behavior problem in the dog training books. My husband couldn’t really touch her because we had her first six months.

Want to test your marital status? Get a bad dog. Tika flaunted a 2 obedience class, Lebanon Phone Number List and after consulting with veterinarians and behaviorists, I embarked on a massive behavior modification campaign. The good news is that it works, and she has evolved into a wonderful dog. The bad news is that you can’t let go of the basics.

Get Their Attention

Tika is 14 years old and if we slack off, even a little, our own bad behavior pays off. The copy is the same. You can’t slack off . If your last sales letter or email campaign, or landing page fell flat, maybe you’ve forgotten some basics. 1. Get their attention Tika was eliminated from the obedience class because she couldn’t focus on anything for more than a nanosecond.

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After clinical testing, we learned that her puppy had ADHD (named ADHD Dog). Getting a dog’s attention with brain chemistry issues can be challenging. Treats didn’t work because Tika never actually looked at anything. Voices of praise and joy sent her weirdo-o-meter through the roof. Most people reading your copy are at least distracted by dogs with ADHD .

Lead Them Where You Want Them to Go

Why should they read yours? You’ve read it before, but I’ll say it again: your title needs to stop people in its tracks whether it’s arousing curiosity or saying something fascinating to make people feel compelled to keep reading. If your headline doesn’t get the reader’s attention, it’s all over. 2. Commitment Teaching Tika’s “sit” command is crucial because stillness helps her focus. I got so far I had to give her a reason to keep sitting, otherwise, she would jump back. The key is to use “post words.” In our house, the dog had to sit down until I said, after my magic word, “Ok.” Something good came along. Tika might eat, she might get verbal praise

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