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Do you want to attract more readers? Do you want to capture the attention of the big players in your industry and capitalize on their star power? Boring question, right? In this article, I’ll share how to grow a loyal and ongoing fan base by working with top experts in your niche.

They’re there, you think, Brazil Phone Number List and having them on your team isn’t nearly as hard. Why do I need an expert? Everyone wants entertaining, useful content. That’s what content marketing is all about. But they also want great people.

Why Do I Need an Expert?

When you present a new idea or a new voice to your audience, your blog becomes an invaluable resource people will want to visit again and again. The expert voice will round out your website and increase in size. Involving external experts also confirmed their expertise. When you can attract the best, people will see you as an expert in your own right. Finally, there is an often overlooked benefit of working with an expert.

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If you work well together, some people may become strategic partners who can take you to places of business you never dreamed of. Experts include: Authors, especially those who have new books coming out people who frequently speak on related topics Bloggers who are creating exceptional content Working in a business a simple example When I started Social Media Examiner back in October 2009.

How Experts Can Help You Create Valuable Content

I knew there was no social media next to it. But I know that if I can attract social media experts and share their knowledge, I can quickly grow a large following. We have live video broadcasts that open our virtual doors. I interviewed top social media experts including Mary Smith , Chris Garrett , Dennis Wakefield and Jason Falls . Coupled with, many experts tweeted their engagement to their followers. In just a few weeks, Technorati ranked America as one of the world’s top small business bloggers. I see the value of outside experts as a great source of content.In addition, experts see some exciting value in being involved. Want to know more about how to attract experts to your blog? continue reading… How experts can help you create valuable content Here are four ways to work with experts on content.

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