4 Sites to Create a Comic Strip Online

In the big family of sites allowing you to make your own comics , here is Cheese9 . The idea is of course not to compete with serious , diligent and high quality comic blogs , but rather to illustrate your posts and get out of the ordinary. A comic strip in three boxes can say a lot and easily replace a long and indigestible text. Your readers will be delighted and the Hungary WhatsApp Number List of media presented can only be a plus. I take advantage of the release of this new tool to highlight 4 sites offering the same type of service with different variations. Good discovery ! Cheese9 After quick registration, you will be able to get your own subdomain on the site.

The Idea Is of Course Not to Compete

You can store your discoveries among the proposals of other members but also your creations. To create your strips , you will have to prepare each box one by one. Many characters , backgrounds, types of bubbles and Hungary WhatsApp Number List your disposal in the flash editor. Interestingly, you can upload your own images to complete the gallery and even use your webcam. The results are in a rather cool cartoon style . And difficult to make simpler in terms of use! All you have to do is find a story to tell to get started. cheese9 Big downside, the results cannot be exported to a blog. Too bad. On the other hand, you can work in a collaborative way by taking up the strips already designed by others.

Many Characters , Backgrounds

Hungary WhatsApp Number List
Hungary WhatsApp Number List


It even seems possible to buy some (and therefore to sell some?), which does not seem very credible. Last original feature, your strips (and those you liked) are displayed on your account in the form of a timeline , sorted by date. Pikistrips Start by choosing the layout of your comic . You can then incorporate your own photos into the boxes and add text Hungary WhatsApp Number List elements. The results are therefore original and more personal than with other sites of the genre. Direct access to FlickR is offered if you do not have the necessary resources for your creation. Be careful not to imitate the gallery’s comics, which have a rather repulsive side to skyblogs. The concept is excellent, it’s up to you to use it wisely! An embed code is available for each strip.

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