4 Simple Steps to Writing Blog Posts to Flood Your Inbox

Are your blog posts helping you win customers? Blogging helps increase your authority, drive relevant traffic, and generate business opportunities. But your blog posts work for your business? While corporate blogging is a long-term strategy, you can employ some smart tactics to a single post to generate meaningful leads. Not just a lead.

However, few or better quality leads. In this article, New Zealand Phone Number List I’ll show you exactly how I stumbled across this four-step formula, and how to apply this approach to your business. Ready to start winning new customers? Step 1: Forget about generating leads Running a small business can be stressful.

Stand Out as a Refined Problem Solver

You need to keep existing customers happy and fill your pipeline with new prospects. You need to maintain your website and account, look for networking opportunities, and so much more. But when we get too focused on running our business, we sometimes forget our true purpose: solving our customers’ problems. To generate serious leads on a single blog post, you need to understand what caused the generation to forget for a while.

New Zealand Phone Number List
New Zealand Phone Number List

Instead, back to the basics: Find your ideal client understand their problems focus on solving these problems Lead-generated blog posts don’t necessarily generate a lot of social shares – it’s possible, but not required. As Tom Martin points out: Chase customers, not clicks . An effective blog post that gets your ideal client’s attention because you tell her you can solve her problem. Will this problem be solved by your blog post? Step 2: Stand Out as a Refined Problem Solver The site is a completely superficial post. You know I’m talking about the type of position, don’t you?

The Prospect Falls in Love With You

10 Simple Tips to Achieve This or That 7 Mistakes and Avoidance are awesome . A short list of generic tricks won’t make you stand out. You are wasting your precious time. In order to stand out and become a serious problem solver, you need to focus your efforts. Write an epic tutorial instead of dashing a series of limp posts. Did you notice how Copyblogger made an appearance at Samar Owais in May? She wrote a 5,156-word blog post about 53 freelance mistakes .

This is how you reach potential clients with a bang and intrigue (starting freelance writers in Samar’s case). We live in magical times when someone can find customers online.

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