4 New Facebook Tools for Community Management

Manager on Facebook pages and other social networks has. Become a general trend among the different brands that. Seek a presence in social media, for which.Mark Zuckerberg’s company has made an effort to offer. Features and tools that contribute to the interaction. Between users and community managers. So here we present four new Marshall Islands B2B List regard. One of the jobs that arise from the rise of social networks and the role that. Advertising plays in this sector is that of the community manager. So now they have specific tools to carry out their work. Helping them to measure more effective the impact of their publications. As well as finding new ways to interact with their communities. Facebook has renewed its tools and we present five of the most outstanding:

2.- Option to stand out by answering comments

In the near future, it will be possible to respond privately. To comments left on the page, which represents a great advance. By allowing more direct communication, which. Until now has been restricted by only allowing comments. Or messages to be answered by the same means by which are entered. Part of the Marshall Islands B2B List interaction that users seek. When following a brand is to get a response to theirs. Messages or comments, which is why . Facebook will now award a badge to pages whose. Administrators respond to at least 90% of interactions in less than five minutes.

3.- Button to send message in ads

Marshall Islands B2B List

Now when a user views an advertisement that catches their attention. They can get in touch directly from the advertisement. Thanks to the corresponding button that will be added to them. Similar to an email client, it will now. Be possible to Marshall Islands B2B List response templates for the. Most common messages, as a result of a possible. Increase in the number of messages received. Likewise, a new design is being prepared for the. Inbox which will allow better management of received messages.

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