Create online educational content that will grab users’ attention on social media. Searching the top right of the funnel keywords To figure out what kind of content you need to create for better SEO, you need to know the keywords your target customers are searching for. List the best competitive websites : decide who your main competitors are on the search engines. List all the websites that rank best for the keywords you want to target. Find top performing keywords : Find out which keywords are getting the most traffic from your competitors. First analyze the popularity and competitiveness of keywords. Filter ToFu searches : Narrow your list to possible ToFu keywords that include the terms “what”, “how”, “why”, “when”. Choose your keywords : Go through your list and find phrases that would attract your target customers when they search on Google.


Create ToFu Optimized Content : What Kind of Content Can You Create for ToFu Prospects? Here are some ideas:Practical item. Infographic based on information from the article. Video tutorial that explains one of your articles. Ebook which is a larger version of one of your articles. Visual content with tips. Use social media When done right, social media can help you generate top-quality leads for your brand. Social media makes it easier to generate leads because of the information people share and the wide range of users. People interact on social media just as they would in person. Social media is the perfect place to find target users who qualify as top-of-funnel leads.


Facebook lead generation Generating leads through Facebook will eventually lead you to paid advertisements. Network algorithm changes have made it more difficult to achieve organic reach. However, the good news is that spreading brand awareness on Facebook can be cost-effective. Here are some tips that might help:Host a contest : Contests get a lot of attention on Facebook. It’s a great way to collect leads for your funnel.


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