3 Things to Consider When Deciding How Long Your Blog Post Should Be

There’s also been a debate about how long blog posts should be since blogging went mainstream. Many bloggers can read their last discussion or two and try to conform to that – never revisit the issue again as long as they blog. This might be a bug.

For a clear answer, here are three things to consider Netherlands Phone Number List when you’re deciding how long your blog post should be. 1. TONE: Bloggers are usually bloggers before they think like an intangible asset that sets the tone for the blog. Still, if you’re serious about making money from blogging, then you’re going to have to eventually turn your attention to that.

Posting Frequency

The tone of your blog posts is important because they determine how you talk to your audience, not just what you talk about. When the Dragon Blog Post is Pertinent For example, the Homemade Chicks at Christina tend to have long posts. They sometimes run thousands of words. They are few words 250-600 somewhat the industry accepted standard.

Netherlands Phone Number List
Netherlands Phone Number List

But the tone of her blog is help, hope and inspiration for those who want to “ditch the cubicle life,” as she puts it, to start their own home business. My blog posts tend to be on the long side as well – 750-1,000. I’ve learned a lot from my own experience, so when I talk to my readers, I usually give account of what’s going on with this client or clients. Rarely can this be done within 400 words.

Account Plan

When short blog posts are to the point Conversely, if you blog about stock picking, your post might just discuss what happened to a particular stock during the day. These can be short, informative posts with links out to more IND-depth sources. Your readers will come to check out the stock of the day, grab your insight, and move on. 2. POSTING frequency.

The loose, industry-accepted rule seems to be that the more frequently you post. The less time your posts should be – and vice versa. A lot of people don’t have the time if you post a mini daily routine oreading books. That makes sense every day, hence the short posts. And, you’ll get more search engine juice as well, as you’ll keep adding new content. But don’t be afraid to put this industry-accepted wisdom to good use.

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