3 Simple Copywriting Techniques to Get Your Customers ‘beyond’ the Buy Button

When you’re writing sales copy, it’s easy to get consumed with an idea: make a sale. But that emphasis can actually be your copywriting downfall. When you want to make sales, your customers want conversions .

If you don’t agree with a retrofit vision when you write, Austria Phone Number List your message may fall flat right when you need it most: the buy button . Here’s how to sell with confidence by guiding your customers – and beyond – . Why focusing on sales is like hitting a brick In a very early driving lesson, I picked up the pace when my teacher casually said, “The heart is a brick in the road.

The “Buy and Sell” Your Customers Didn’t Expect

” I don’t know how to get there, but it is, right in my driveway, with my tire row. There’s plenty of wiggle room around it – however, there’s a catch. I can’t put my eyes on it. It’s all I can think of. If you drive, you know that whatever you focus on, you tend to steer. “Amy, mind the bricks!” A few seconds later, a disgusting “thunk” appeared and my coach turned grey (it was his own car).


Fortunately, there was no serious damage. (I don’t think – I know nothing about cars, but I’m sure it’s fine). My coach then wondered how I managed to pull off this incredible feat. reason? We had two very different views where we headed. He visualized a clear path past the bricks, and all I could see was a rock imminent on the way.

Read Your Customer’s Heart (and Put It on the Page)

The “buy and sell” your customers didn’t expect There is a principle in copywriting called “Being on both sides of the counter.” This means that when you want to sell from your counter, you must also understand your customer’s perspective , from where he’s standing. In order to do this effectively, you have to know that your customers are leading the charge toward selling.

For example, if my dad has visited a store to buy a new phone, he might be confronted by a store clerk, who – excited about the product – immediately jumps to discuss the bells and whistles of the device, as well as data plans. While all this might be exciting for a cell phone expert, it certainly wasn’t what my dad had in mind. My dad thought: “Yeah, I need to get something cheap, quick, easy.

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