3 Reasons Why You Should Be a Stylized Blogger

You’re nearing the end of the book and you’re looking forward to a showdown. not to mention Between heroes and villains and. The villain undergoes a sudden change of heart, and the protagonist decides to retire and enjoy USA Phone Number List a peaceful life in Florida. Chances are, you’ll throw books in the room in disgust.

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The author promises you a thriller, but what you have is an unsatisfactory fairy tale. Fiction genres follow a specific formula. Good blogging and content marketing are no different. Now, here’s the hope that you don’t throw gratuitous brutal killings to the next blog. But anyway, you might confuse the reader – and make your own life difficult – by avoiding formulas when you should embrace them .

Three Simple Formulas You Can Now Use

The formula is tried and tested. If you’ve been blogging around for any length of time, certain types of posts may seem like overkill. There are many well-meaning experts who will tell you that the list after , for example, is “excessive”. Maybe you’ve sworn that this sort of thing will have no place for your blog. But realize these formulas are as popular as they work . Sure, you’ll find plenty of examples of bad do-list posts – but don’t let that excuse stop you from writing a great one. Head over to any popular blog in your niche and you’ll see the same type of posts pop up again and again. It’s not lazy writing: it’s thoughtful construction. formulas for you. There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank document, struggling to get started. Wait a minute, start from scratch. Blank documents are painful.

Don’t Let Simplicity Fool You

Worse is spending a column hour only to realize. The whole thing is so rambling and unstructured that it needs to be scrapped . Formulas can help you get started – they help you get it done .Formula keeps readers on board. Your readers are busy people. If they come and seem disjointed and chaotic, they’ll head elsewhere after a clear plan holds your reader’s attention .Make life easy for your readers. Provide information in a simple manner and make sure the benefits are obvious. Is the formula rigid. Some writers don’t like formulas because they find them boring. Maybe you don’t want to generate yet another bland “10 Tips” post.


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