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In today’s post, I’ll show you how to increase engagement on Instagram Stories in 2020 and beyond. After reading this full post, you’ll get ideas for Instagram Stories engagement. After implementing these ideas, you can achieve higher engagement on Instagram Stories. Let’s start exploring these Instagram Stories interactive ideas. The power of social media is growing day by day. The rise of Facebook and Instagram has grown exponentially. With the  New Zealand Phone Number List Stories, brands are also looking to capitalize on them. As more users enjoy the Stories feature, brands are looking to increase engagement on Instagram Stories. Instagram is one of the best ways to meet your target audience and create an active fan base. However, knowing how well content resonates can be a hindrance for brands. Especially when there is more than one way to quantify your dedication.

9 Actionable Tips to Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories

If you want to turn loyal followers and new viewers into lifetime subscribers to your Instagram account. Then, you need to start publishing high-quality creative content. Given that Instagram Stories was created to outperform its competitor Snapchat, which emphasizes intimate, everyday shots and videos. When creating  New Zealand Phone Number List them as daily updates. Of course, by 1920 pixels (height), the dimensions become 1080 pixels (width), which also means an aspect ratio of 9:16. It’s also important not to the quality of your Instagram Stories content. To get the most views on your Instagram Story, it’s crucial to have high-quality content that is well-written and edited. Posting substandard IG story material reduces the likelihood that the story view will return.

3. Add compatible tags and locations


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Hashtags and location tags are one of the easiest ways to organically grow your presence on Instagram. Instagram Stories have their own specific space at the top of the hashtag or location search results page. If you haven’t attached hashtags to your stories, now is the time to start. Adding a location will help you increase your views, as viewers  New Zealand Phone Number List that location when they are looking for it. This is especially useful if you have travel- or food-related content that people want to check out on Instagram before they arrive. Instagram Stories may be accompanied by up to 10 hashtags, including 1 clickable hashtag. They should always be important to the target group and content. Stop using very popular hashtags with over a million posts because your stories can easily be overshadowed by incoming content.

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