3 Factors That Remind What a Community Manager

After setting up an online course, the next step is to monetize it. We’ve put together some community examples to show you how to promote and monetize your online courses. By reading through the 9 examples, you should be able to get a CANADA B2B List a similar path. If you can apply these marketing tips, you have the potential to turn your community into a gold mine. This is a great way for people to get a top school credential while being able to work. In some courses, they stated that the weekly time commitment was about 15 to 25 hours. These flexible online courses provide alternative educational options for those unable to


Create Progressions for Users Throughout the Course

Originally a website, creator Emma Davies has now launched her own app for her online courses and her community. This is a beginner-friendly photography course that takes a year to complete. This community grows through the individual progress of its members. The more individuals learn and improve through online courses, the CANADA B2B List within the community. It’s a great way to share your progress and feel like you’re not alone in going through it. You can also sign up for a free email newsletter. This provides pre-class tips and foresight of what you can learn. It’s a great way to attract members with a free taster to keep them interested. If you have some initial content, you should apply this technique to attract more customers.


Reach Out to Other Communities to Build Partnerships



Not only does Kayla dominate the fitness world, but her fitness app is also #1 for women in the App Store! She is a powerhouse and has attracted worldwide attention through her fitness program. On her app, she offers a 30-day course for $19.99. It lives up to its name “SWEAT” by challenging users and helping them create their daily lives. Her goal is to encourage women to become more confident, healthier and happier  CANADA B2B List star uses social media to promote her online classes. Use this strategy to target your existing community. It allows you to reach your audience and let users share content. Try trending hashtags to encourage members to share on their accounts. It’s an easy, free and effective way to let more people know about your online presence.

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